The sun is setting on humanity. The night now belongs to voracious demons that arise as the sun sets, preying upon a dwelling population forced to cower behind ancient and half-forgotten symbols of power. These wards alone can keep the demons at bay, but legends tell of a Deliverer who once bound all mankind into a single force that defeated the demons, Those times, is they ever existed, are long past. The demons are back, and the return of the Delivered is just another myth… or is it?

Published in April 2010 in the UK by Voyager (ISBN: 978-0-00727-616-5) this is the second volume in the ‘Demon Cycle’ and a follow up to ‘The Painted Man’. The 1st edition is identified by the presence of a single ’1′ on the copyright page. The book was released with a gold ‘Voyager First Edition’ sticker on the jacket and is priced at £14.99. There are a number of later printings available (at least 4) identified by a print number on the copyright page. The dust jackets of later printings are the same as the 1st edition except for the absence of the sticker (TODO: Does the price change?)

Note: This edition is the same size as the first volume – and smaller than the US versions.

Goldsboro Books (London) released a special limited, signed version (identical to the normal book) that is identified by one of 9 ‘avatar’ stamps with each avatar representing a major character from the book. There are 25 numbered copies for each avatar stamp. Each copy is also dated ’16-4-10′.

Signed copies – tend to be lined and dated with a quote from the book. A number of copies are also signed via way of a special decorative book plate that was commissioned by the author.