Brayan’s Gold

Return to the world of The Warded Man and The Desert Spear in an illustrated new novella by Peter V. Brett.

Humanity has been brought to the brink of extinction. Each night, the world is overrun by demons—bloodthirsty creatures of nightmare that have been hunting the surface for over 300 years. A scant few hamlets and half-starved city-states are all that remain of a once proud civilization, and it is only by hiding behind wards, ancient symbols with the power to repel the demons, that they survive. A handful of Messengers brave the night to keep the lines of communication open between the increasingly isolated populace.

Arlen Bales is seventeen, an apprentice Messenger in brand new armor, about to go out for the first time alongside a trained Messenger on a simple overnight trip. Instead Arlen finds himself alone on a frozen mountainside, carrying a dangerous cargo to Count Brayan’s gold mine, one of the furthest points in the duchy. And One Arm, the giant rock demon, hunts him still.

But Brayan’s Gold may offer a way for Arlen to be free of One Arm forever, if he is willing to wager his life on the chance.

Published in hardback in February 2011 by Subterranean Press (ISBN: 978-1596063631). This is the same size as the UK editions (which are smaller than the US editions) and produced in 2 separate versions:

  • Trade – fully cloth bound hardcover edition.

  • Limited edition of 750 signed numbered copies with a different cover from the trade edition and bound in white leather with a rune motif.

There is only one print run of this hardcover. Trade editions are still in print, although the limited edition is now out of print.

Note: As is common for limited edition Subterranean Press titles in addition to the numbered copies there are often an unknown number of addition signed copied marked ‘PC’ – presentation / publisher copy. These tend to sell for slightly lower prices then the numbered copies.