The second volume in ‘The Wheel of Time’ series. Published in the UK by Orbit Books in April 1991 (ISBN: 0356197654). This was preceded by the US edition which was printed in November of the previous year. The jacket is priced at £13.95, and features an illustration Melvin Grant. What’s interesting is that the cover illustration was changed for the next UK edition (1999) to be the same as that for the US editions – Darrell K. Sweet. As far as i’m aware there were no additional printings of the 1st edition – so if it has the right jacket it is a 1st edition!

Prices for this book are considerably less than for a UK 1st of ‘The Eye of the World’ and (here I’m not sure why) and are also less than for the next volume ‘The Dragon Reborn’. Expect to pay about £80 for a decent copy. The 1999 2nd edition is also relatively rare and can fetch prices of £40.

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