The third volume in ‘The Wheel of Time’ series. Published in the UK by Orbit Books in May 1992 (ISBN: 1-85723-024-8). This was preceded by the US edition which was printed in September of the previous year. The jacket shares the same illustration (Daryl K. Sweet) as the US edition and is priced at £15.99. This is the first volume in the series that ditches the interior end-piece illustrations for matching front and rear full colour maps. This was re-reprinted by Orbit in 1999 with the same dust-jacket illustration. The reprint is identified via the copyright page with the words ‘Reprinted in 1999’ and with a price of £19.99 on the jacket.

The UK 1st printing of this book seems to be pretty rare – certainly more so than for ‘The Great Hunt’, and is generally priced accordingly. Expect to pay £150-£200 for a decent copy of the 1st printing, whilst the 1999 reprint also has some value ~ £50.

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