The first volume in ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy by Mark Lawrence. The first edition was issued in the UK by Voyager books in August 2011, with the 1st printing indicated (as is customary for Voyager) by a single ‘1’ on the copyright page. I’ve been reliably informed by the author that there was one additional printing of this edition. The dust jacket is priced at £14.99 and most copies of this book come with a promotional sticker to the jacket comparing the book with George R. R. Martin. There are also a number of copies available online that have been signed by the author and either lined or lined and dated.

As well as the standard trade hardcover edition a special, limited edition was produced by Voyager in association with the London based Goldsboro Books. This was limited to just 250 copies and signed by the author to a special limitation page. Other than this the limited edition book is identical to the trade hardcover edition. The second volume in the series (The King of Thorns) has also been issued by Goldsboro Books in a smilar fashion.

Doodled Books produced a number of unofficial limited editions that were signed, lined, dated and doodled by the author. There look to be 6 variants of the doodles with 5 numbered copies in each variant.

Both the Goldsboro Books and Doodled Books editions have long since sold out.

A standard, unsigned 1st edition copy sells for about £15-£20. Signed copies for £40+. The Goldsboro books limited edition is hard to find online but would be expected to sell for in excess of £100.