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The Great Bazaar & Brayan’s Gold – Voyager hardcover

Hardback omnibus edition published in the UK by Voyager in April 2013 (ISBN: 978-0-00-749253-4) that contains two novellas by Peter V Brett (each set in ‘The Demon Cycle’ world). These were originally printed in hardcover by Subterranean Press. Issued without dust-jacket this has a brown, leather-style journal look with gilt titling to front boards, spine and Terry Brooks quote on back. Map front and end pages with blurb and author bio. Originally priced at £9.99 this is indicated on a removed sticker to the back cover. The first edition is identified by a single ‘1’ to the copyright page. The size of this volume is consistent with the editions of the other books in this series.

Bazaar & Brayan's Front  Bazaar & Brayan's - Side  Bazaar & Brayan's - Copyright

In addition Goldsboro Books (London) has as usual produced a limited (250), signed edition copy. This is identical to the standard hardcover except for the authors signature (in a warding circle) directly to the title page as well as an embossed stamp with a handwritten number indicating the copy out of 250.

Bazaar & Brayan's - Title

The standard hardcover edition is still readily available with prices of £10-15 for a 1st edition. The Goldsboro Books edition is also still readily available for around £30 (or although expect prices to rise in the future).


The Prince of Thorns – Mark Lawrence – Voyager

The first volume in ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy by Mark Lawrence. The first edition was issued in the UK by Voyager books in August 2011, with the 1st printing indicated (as is customary for Voyager) by a single ‘1’ on the copyright page. I’ve been reliably informed by the author that there was one additional printing of this edition. The dust jacket is priced at £14.99 and most copies of this book come with a promotional sticker to the jacket comparing the book with George R. R. Martin. There are also a number of copies available online that have been signed by the author and either lined or lined and dated.

As well as the standard trade hardcover edition a special, limited edition was produced by Voyager in association with the London based Goldsboro Books. This was limited to just 250 copies and signed by the author to a special limitation page. Other than this the limited edition book is identical to the trade hardcover edition. The second volume in the series (The King of Thorns) has also been issued by Goldsboro Books in a smilar fashion.

Doodled Books produced a number of unofficial limited editions that were signed, lined, dated and doodled by the author. There look to be 6 variants of the doodles with 5 numbered copies in each variant.

Both the Goldsboro Books and Doodled Books editions have long since sold out.

A standard, unsigned 1st edition copy sells for about £15-£20. Signed copies for £40+. The Goldsboro books limited edition is hard to find online but would be expected to sell for in excess of £100.

Peter V. Brett flashpoints

The Painted Man (aka. The Warded Man in the US) is the debut novel from Peter V. Brett. This was first published in the UK by Voyager in 2008. Interestingly this was written by the author on his mobile phone while commuting on the New York metro.

I’ve provided information below about the various points that identify the 1st edition of the UK edition of the book. I’ll be providing details about the his other books in future posts.

The Painted Man

1st published in the UK by Voyager in September 2008 by Voyager (ISBN: 978-0007276134). The 1st edition is identified by the presence of a single ‘1’ on the copyright page. The book was released with a gold ‘Voyager First Edition’ sticker on the jacket and is priced at £14.99. There is at least one later printing (2nd) which is identified by the presence of a single ‘2’ on the copyright page. Apart from the lack of a First Edition sticker there is no difference in the jackets between the 1st and later printings.

Note: The UK edition is of a smaller size (book club format) than the US edition (published by Del Rey in the following year).


Goldsboro Books (London) released a special signed version (identical to the normal book) that is identified by one 0f 6 ‘avatar’ stamps with each avatar representing a major character from the book. There are 25 numbered copies for each avatar stamp.

Otherwise signed copies – tend to be lined and dated with a quote from the book. A number of copies are also signed via way of a special decorative book plate that was commissioned by the author.